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Dangers of Over-the-Counter remedies for small children

Over 7000 children are rushed to the emergency room each year in the U.S.  as a result of over-dosing on OTC medications.  Cough and cold medications typically contain a combination of antihistamines, decongestants, expectorants and cough suppressants, all of which can have serious side-effects on small children including increased blood pressure, heart rate disturbance, and […]

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John Giametta - Don’t start you kids out on prescription drugs (Big Pharmacy’s Goal)so they are dependent. Get a good start eating organic and with supplements and holistic medicines you can trust(Seagate).

pat - Overuse of antibiotics in children is also not a good thing..many doctors prescribe them over and over for ear infections and colds etc.many times the reason is viral and antibiotics are not effective..so use natural methods of health care..and preventative.

Nasal fungus

Nasal and sinus problems can be the result of many different causes including, allergies, bacterial infection, viral infection, fungal infection, and the physical blockage of the sinuses caused by inflammation, polyps, and the sealing of the sinus passages by bone growth. When there is a sinus irritation, the body will cause its sinus membranes to […]

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Pat - The olive leaf extract nasal spray is a great way to treat nasal issues..gentle yet effective.Not drying or irritating to the passages..

Brenda - I use the nasal spray even though I hate anything up my nose and it is such a horrible feeling, but I want to clear up my sinus, and I love your products..

Rhonda - Love love love the Olive Leaf nasal spray

Sally Bartle - Why is it doctors don’t get it? Before I knew better my son’s doctor gave him antibiotics for ear and sinus infections. They only make it worse. We now use your nasal spray as well as a netti pot with salt, plus we have negative ion air purifiers due to the fact that we live in moldy southeastern Louisiana.

John Giametta - Fungus is the root cause for MOST sinus infections. Keep it in tow with a good natural/holistic medicine, Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray. Very inexpensive. Get one for each member of the family.

Traceability = Trust

At Seagate, we harvest and process all of our own raw materials, so our products only pass from our hands to yours. If you can trace your products, you can usually trust them. Although this is a good general rule to live by, it’s especially important when shopping for health products for your body. You’ve […]

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Linda Ray - I buy the olive leaf extract and the throat and nose spray. We dont go thru a winter without it and it sure is nice to see free S/H too! Thankyou for having such a great source for consumers to get their supplements!!

patriciaswier@cox.net - I am a big fan of growing my own or going to farms where we can pick!

Boosting Your Energy Bar’s Potential with Seaweed

We all run low on energy some days, and devouring a conveniently-packaged bar seems like a quick fix. But before you tear off the wrapper, flip that energy bar over to see how nutritious it really is. Like it or not, the popular Clif Bar is one of the worst offenders. Each Clif bar has […]

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Elena Vo - The recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I love that it doesn’t have more than three ingredients.

Suzanne Shaw - Can’t wait to try these, really different.

Lori Lemke - Those energy bars look delicious! Definitely will be trying these!

Patti - Will try this i do love sea weed

Debra Privett - So many times you buy a healthy bar and trust that it is good for you. Not anymore!!! I know I can always trust Seagate thank you.

Giveaway – July

It’s July and it is time for another one of the revered Seagate Giveaways! This month we are giving away 30 of our vintage Seagate T-shirts. Designed in the 90’s, including our first and original mascot…The Carrot Shark! Here’s how to enter: Click around on our blog and read a few of your favorite health […]

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Maria Rodriguez - Love the company, products are quality items

Donna Jackson - Olive Leaf is the greatest. I have been taking it for over 10 years and I have not been sick. It also is ideal for wellbeing. I love this stuff!


Suzanne Shaw - Love the products! Try the Day and Night skin care system……Wonderful!

Brenda - Love Seagate Products, and also listen to Doug Kaufman everyday and also see Richard Lentz on the program. Love you products…

Homeopathic Medicines

Compared to modern pharmaceuticals, homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, have no adverse side-effects, and are safe for adults and children.  Homeopathics remedies use very dilute potencies of natural phytochemicals that are extracted from plants following a rigorous methodology outlined in the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. Self care with homeopathy for moderate short-term illnesses and injuries can be […]

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Suzanne Shaw - I love Homeopathic Medicine. It is so gentle on the system.

Brenda Brodmerkle - I use Homeopathy Products and suggest them to my clients. They are great to use.

Debra Privett - I think we should go back 200 years and start over. Homeopathic is a better way to go. Seagate throat spray is what I always reach for and I always get better.

Maria Rodriguez - I think Homeopathic Medicine offers the best remedy for any of your ailments, and Seagate Products are on the top of my list.

Richard (Founder) - Thanks Maria! Our Homeopathics are very potent.

Elizabeth Knepp - I use sea gate products all the time,throat spray, nose spray, olive leaf extract,also olive leaf tea, and grape seed extract. . It really helps me in many ways, wouldn’t be without it

Richard (Founder) - Thank you Elizabeth. We appreciate the support.

The Many Uses for Raw Grape Seeds

Although raw grape seeds used to only be known for their skin enhancing properties in facial creams, there are many other uses for these tiny powerhouses. It’s a well-accepted fact that pure grape juices can boost heart health, however unwanted calories and sugar tends to tag along in juice bottles. Recent studies have shown that […]

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Debra Privett - I did not know Grape seed was good for scalp and hair follicles.

Sally Bartle - I buy your grape seed product. Thanks for not spraying it with harmful chemicals! It is useful for a plethora of health issues.