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Wound repair after basil cell surgery

Today’s blog entry is not about curing cancer because Seagate’s products do not cure cancer.  However, there are two products that are doing an excellent job of helping open wounds to heal quickly. The photo below was taken of a site on the forearm where a basal cell carcinoma had been surgically removed.   The shape […]

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Richard (Founder) - Thank you for letting us know!

Elizabeth - Passing this along to my father in law! He recently had some basal cell carcinoma removed and is having so much trouble with it healing! Thank you for posting this!

Olives ripening … almost time to begin olive oil production

It is the end of September, the most picturesque time of the year to be wandering around the farmland used by Seagate.  After a very hot summer, the olives are finally beginning to ripen. The olives have now reached their full size, though most are still green. At this stage of growth and maturity, green […]

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Diane Costello - Thank you for the wonderful underwater pics. You are making me want to travel to your area. It is just so very beautiful. I am assuming I will be able to find the weekly specials on the main page. Is that correct? I have begun using the olive leaf extract.

I am thrilled to have been introduced to the Lens family and all that you are doing through Doug Kaufmann show. God bless 🙂 xoxoxo


Doug Kaufmann T.V. with Seagate

While many of you have seen Doug Kaufmann’s t.v. show “Know the Cause”, today’s blog provides a visit behind-the-scenes to Doug’s broadcast studio. Seagate was Doug Kaufmann’s first sponsor in 1997 when he originally aired his health talk show called “Your Health Matters” on the radio. Seagate continues to be a major sponsor of Doug’s […]

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The coastal range of northwestern Baja California has a year-round Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine and warm dry summers.  The Guadalupe River Valley near Seagate’s factory in Ensenada has become a small but growing center of grape-growing and wine production.  Seagate has been processing Grape Seed  Extract since 1996, receiving grapes from select nearby […]

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Kathy - Thank you so very much for sharing this beautiful photograph, I can just feel my blood pressure and stress going down. God bless you and thank you.

Seaweed Part II – Grover’s Skin Rash By Richard Lentz

Today’s blog entry is a little different from the usual theme of showing photos of Seagate’s farm and factory, in to bring you Grover’s “Disease” or “Rash”, or  whatever it is??  The word disease is in parenthesis because dermatologists have no idea what it is, what causes it, how to treat it or if it […]

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Doris Coker - RE Grovers Rash

My husband started what looks exactly like this rash in 2002 after a visit to Arizona where we now live. It spread throughout his body. Would shed, peel, blister, itch!!!, etc. Yes nothing worked until he started taking your Olive Leaf Extract about 3 capsules three times daily. I started to notice that it was also anxiety related. In 2008 during a breakout in the hospital the doctor prescribed liquid Nystatin. He now takes this along with smaller doses of Olive Leaf. For the most part he is rash & itch free with occasional breakouts usually in the summer. I might consider the seaweed treatment if it ever gets bad again. This is a horrible rash & as you discovered the dermatologists & doctors don’t know anything. I learned about Nystatin on Know The Cause but was unable to get a doctor to prescribe until they had tried everything else in the hospital.

Thank you for your products. I personally use the Stop Rash all year under my arms for summer breakouts & recently started the Nasal spray for allergies (I haven’t had to use oral meds since).

Thank You!!!!

Richard (Founder) - (Richard replies) Hi Larry-
For the first time in my life, I actually had a heavy metals test run on me. Only Arsenic showed up at low levels and that was the organic-based variety of arsenic (it has the carbon atoms attached). Nope, the actual cause of Grover’s is still unknown in most cases. Infections and heavy metals may also be additional causes or triggers. But the underlining cause is really a mystery.Applying a paste of seaweed for a few minutes at night in the shower and rinsing with hot water before I go to sleep is the only thing that has helped. Thanks!. Richard

Shane - Thank you for the information. I am struggling with Grovers disease now, and I am ordering your seaweed powder today. How many applications did it take to see your results?

Appreciate your help!


Richard (Founder) - Hi Shane,
The first night I applied the powder in the shower, it really stung when I washed it off. But that was the first full night of sleep I had in 6 months. So it was immediate. I hope it helps you

Katie Fobert - I have no experience with Grover’s , but I live in a household of red-heads who are very sun sensitive, I do not like sunscreen because of the chemicals so I have resorted to supplements to help from the inside out. I start in april when the sun starts to strengthen in the north . We use paba and astaxanthin supplements to minimize the damage, Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant and you do not have to worry about overdosing on it. Make sure you use only natural supplements as synthetics will not have the same effect. to find out more go to Dr. mercola website, perhaps it could help with this problem, just a thought.

Seaweed Part 3 - Grover's Skin Rash Itching by Richard Lentz | Seagate World - […] has been exactly one year since my last posting regarding this ongoing skin rash called Grover’s. The rash began to bother me in around […]

r.goodman - have grovers…3dermatologist later..no help…please let me know where i can order your seaweed powder….i am 78 and really suffering ……..thanks

Kyle - Thanks for your comments Richard. I live in South Africa , where can I get this seaweed from?

Many thanks !

Richard (Founder) - Seagate Replies
The easiest way to do it is to order off our website.
Thank you

Richard (Founder) - You can order on Seagate’s website
Thank you
Seagate Customer service

Graham Cairns - I have been suffering from Grovers Diseases for x3 years and have tried every conceivable concoction , all to no avail. How effective would seaweed powder be if it was added to a bath as opposed to a shower?
My problem is that the spots are everywhere as opposed to one specific area.
I need to get some relief from somewhere.


Richard (Founder) - Hi Graham,
If you add it to a bath, you would just be diluting it and wasting it. It won’t work that way.
I can only tell you what worked for me — a very hot shower followed by placing the seaweed powder directly on the areas and rubbing it in as it turns into a paste. Then letting it set for a few minutes and washing it off with very hot water. If you don’t want to deal with ” the everywhere problem ” all at once, then try it in on specific easy-to-reach areas like your arms or chest and see if it gives you some relief.
Just the hot water alone will do a lot for you. It helped me sleep. But it did not make the spots and itching go away. Once I started on the seaweed and the hot water, little by little the spots and itching faded. At the very beginning, I was doing this 5-6 times a day, or whenever the itching came back and I was home and the shower was available. Also, swimming in a chlorinated pool seemed to give some temporary relief.
Its been almost 2 years since it has all gone away.

We don’t claim that seaweed is any sort of cure. I am just writing in the blog what worked for me …. and I had tried everything imaginable.
Good luck to you.

Alexandre navarro - Hello, i’m from Brazil and i discovered that i have “grover,s disease”. Now i’m looking for anything that could help me.
I read that there is a seaweed powder. Please tell me how or where i can order it.Thank you

Richard (Founder) - Hello Alex,
This is in answer to the question about purchasing the Seaweed.
You would order it on our website. We don’t have distributors outside the U.S.
If you have trouble ordering, let us know.

We cannot make any medical claims for it. However, by accident it helped the owner of this company. I assume you read some of the articles he posted. Here are a few:
Seaweed Part II – Grover’s Skin Rash By Richard Lentz

Seaweed Part IV – applying to itchy bites by Richard Lentz
Seaweed Part 3 – Grover’s Skin Rash Itching by Richard Lentz
Seaweed Part V – Final Report on Grover’s Skin Rash – by Richard lentz

Depending upon how severe the Grover’s itching is, you may have to apply it many times throughout the day and night (every 4-6 hours) following a hot shower or bath.
Use the hottest water you can tolerate on the rash without burning your skin.
Then apply some of the powder while in the bath, making a paste and rubbing it on.
Allow it sit on the skin for ~ 10 minutes.
Then wash off with hot water (no soap).

This has helped many people with the itching.
The red rash may or may not disappear, or may partially fade out with time.
However, controlling the itching is the main thing.

Hope this helps you.

Seagate Seaweed and Japan’s Fukushima Radiation Discharge

Seagate harvests giant the kelp,  Macrocystis pyrifera, along the west coast of Baja California, primarily along the bays within a 20 miles of Ensenada.  Seaweed has been a part of Seagate’s fishing and marine harvesting program since 2003.  It is one of 18 raw materials that Seagate produces. Until November 2011 consumer demand for seaweed […]

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Roni - Thank you for testing your products for radioactive contamination! My concern is that other companies may not be testing their produce! Testing for radioactive fallout should be mandatory in this day and age, and as you correctly point out, things can get a lot worse, with Fukushima’s policy of releasing tons of radioactive water into the ocean each day in an effort to contain and clean up this disaster. They are also incinerating radioactive waste on a daily basis, and this is polluting the atmosphere far and wide with raidoactivitgy that won’t go away. This must be stopped and it takes a world wide effort to help as Japan can’t manage this enormous task alone. God help us if there’s another earthquake in Fukushima.

maryanna murphy - I have seaweed from southeast alaska. Will your company test it for fukushima radiation? I eat five types of seaweed and have samples from 2013, 2012 and 2011. thank you. MaryAnna Murphy 907.401.0311

Richard (Founder) - Seagate replies–
Hello Maryanna,
We send out seaweed out to an independent laboratory to test for radiation. It is fairly expensive to do. However, since we are not a laboratory we cannot accept samples of other seaweeds for testing.


The decision to develop a new product at Seagate is based upon 3 key factors: 1) whether the company can produce the raw material themselves, either from their farming or fishing operations; 2) whether the product is different or unique from products already available in the health food industry; and 3) whether the new product […]

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