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The Mexican Border

  (Tijuana side of the border fence)   This photo of the very shaky border fence separating the U.S. and Mexico is located 3 miles from the southwestern edge of the continental U.S., where the fence begins in the Pacific Ocean.  Up until 1993, this fence was entirely constructed of surplus military airplane landing mats […]

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Welcome to Seagate World

Underwater Sound button [audio:http://www.seagateworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/underwater.mp3|titles=underwater|loop=yes]Welcome to Seagate’s World.  This is a blog of human interest, taking you behind the scenes of Seagate and the region of Baja California, Mexico, the area where Seagate has its factory and the local people.  This will also take you to areas touched by our people, from photography of the ocean depths […]

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Debbie Martin - I just found this site and I must say, JUST BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so very much for the way you do business, make your products and live (at least what I can see from your visits on Know the cause and using your products). Your Products have changed my and my husbands lives. Great Stories. We are in our 60’s and going strong. Thanks again, Deb Martin Photos are great.

Marion Richards - Great history lesson! And fantastic pictures! Y’all (I’m a TEXAN!!!)are very fortunate to live in such a wondrous place and to be able to make healthful products for us. Hope your wife is still painting. I can see where she gets the inspiration for the vibrant colors now. We are very blessed to have you both producing great things. Thanks for sharing where you live and what you do with your customers!

Gerard - Enjoyed your informative site with the personal touch…..The purity and care of your products is commendable.

I hope you have a long life.

Cathie - Wonderful, beautiful web site. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about Seagate; a company I trust and respect for standards and quality of products.
Love the under water sounds though the affect was so relaxing – made me sleepy! Lovely.

Ann G - Thank you for putting all of this information about your company. I have greatly enjoyed it. I think it is wonderful that you are organic and do a great job at preserving and making good quality products. They really work and help people feel better. Thank you!