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Richard Lentz

Founder of Seagate, farmer, fisherman, and natural foods processor. Occasional underwater photographer. He studied this field in college and grad school, and has been working in this profession for over 40 years.


Eva P.

My name is Eva P. I’m (a secret) years old and I have been working for Seagate for about 11 years.  I enjoy working here and it has been a pleasure working for Richard.  I have been married to my husband David for 15 Years and have 2 beautiful daughters Gizette and Zulena.  My family enjoys all of Seagate’s natural remedies.  They have been keeping us healthy for a very long time.


Halima S.

Halima has worked at Seagate’s San Diego office for 6 years.  In her own words —  working in this office is often fun primarily because it is a small company and we spend so much time together a lot of that time we are laughing.  My favorite product hands down is the Fish Fertilizer since I love spending time in my garden.  Apart from work I also enjoy running.  I have 2 dogs, 2 kids and a husband so I sometimes cannot run as often as I would like.


Sonya A.

My name is Sonya. I’ve been working at Seagate for the past 5 years.  I really enjoy talking to our customers.  My favorite product is our Raspberry Spearmint throat spray, oh and also the Olive Leaf Mint Tea.  I am married and am thinking about having kids. I am currently attending college and majoring in Sociology.


Heather L.

Heather has been actively involved in Seagate sales since her graduation from U. of Colorado in 2004.  Her specialty is doing trade shows and visiting wholesale accounts as a roving sales rep.  In her free time, Heather runs her own welding shop in San Francisco where she makes sculptures, metal designs, and even metal beds.  Heather is active in many different sports that include surfing, snowboarding, and scuba diving.


Evan L.

Evan has been part of the Seagate family since birth.  He self-taught himself computer animations during his free time in high school, before going on to study this field at the Colorado School of Design. Upon graduation from college, Evan started his own computer graphics/animations company. Evan has been the creator of all of Seagate’s commercials since we began on Doug Kaufmann’s show in 1997.
Evan has many outside interests, including surfing, world-traveling, mountain-climbing, fly-fishing, lacrosse, and the creation of handmade leather and wood crafts.


Jose P.

Jose has been working for Seagate in Ensenada, B.C. since 1992 is the production manager of the factory. He is in charge of all production machinery and the processing of each raw material that passes through the plant.  The machinery in the factory has become more complex during the last 20 years as the factory has expanded, with large cold storages and refrigeration installations, vacuum pumps and freeze-drying tanks, presses for making olive oil and processing grapes, and automatic powder-grinding production lines. Jose can dismantle and repair every machine.
Jose’s free time is dedicated to his wife and daughter and to the sport of body-boarding. In 1992, he won first place in the Mexican National Championship for this sport, and represented Mexico in the world finals in France. He has continued competing in this sport and has a room in his house filled with over 100 trophies, which he continues to accumulate by winning most of the tournaments he has competes in each year.


Carlos P.

Carlos has been working for Seagate in Ensenada since 2004, in charge of the powder production room and other areas of the plant. All of Seagate’s freeze-dried raw materials pass through his control to become powders. This area of the plant is fully automated which requires the supervision by a person skilled in electronic controls.
Carlos runs a small computer business in the evening, that services computer networking and software installations for companies in the Ensenada area. He still finds time practice body-boarding, a sport he has been involved in for over 25 years, and to compete on two local soccer teams.

Paty O.

Paty O.

Paty O.

Paty O. took over the job of General Manager of Seagate’s operations located in Ensenada at the end of 2013. Paty is a professional accountant, has run her own accounting and tax business in Ensenada for many years, and got her initial experience working as an auditor after graduating college. She has been essential in reorganizing this subsidiary, its accounting and controls, which were left in disarray by her predecessor. Paty has excelled in all areas of this work and has seamlessly taken over the responsibilities of keeping the factory and administration running smoothly and conforming to local regulations. In her spare time she manages to raise two lovely daughters and take care of her husband.

Ado P.

Ado P.

Ado P.

Ado joined Seagate Ensenada in 2011 as the assistant to the general manager and bookkeeper. Ado was instrumental in discovering and reporting accounting irregularities by this former manager and having this person arrested.
Ado plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of the factory, maintaining inventories and production controls along with her regular bookkeeping duties. She continues to grow with the job and take on more responsibilities.
Ado became a new mother last year to Mateo, who has been doing his best to keep her from having a full night sleep

Edna Rath - We enjoyed watching Richard on Doug Kaufmann show many years ago, when he started the olive leaf extract, which we take one capsule daily. Also, have purchased many nice products from Seagate over the yrs. But unable to receive the programs anymore since all the changes in channels in our area.

Enjoyed seeing the pictures underwater and of the crew that make up Seagate Products.

God’s Blessings to All, ER

Cindy Young - This is my first visit to this new site. Really liked seeing the pictures of the folks who work there. In my opinion Richard is the finest man I know of in this line of work and would trust anything he makes. Honor and integrity shine in him. I also love the picture of his wife’s art on the box of face oil I got some time ago.

ANTHONY - Hi Richard…. I have Grovers Disease…. I have your seaweed powder ….. It is hard to stand there for 10-15 minutes a day Richard?!! It works great but how long do you keep it on now after using it for a year!?! And can I diminish the length of time for the application and still get the good results?! By the way I have added a moisturizing rub down with Sarna after each shower to keep the skin less dry… It helps too!

Richard (Founder) - Hi Anthony … I am very happy to hear the seaweed is helping. I didn’t use it that long (15 minutes) every day. I did not have the patience to stand there so long in the shower with the seaweed drying. My method was just to take the hot shower, then apply the seaweed with the water off. Wait a max of 2-5 minutes with the seaweed rubbed all over the Grover’s area. Then rinse it off with very hot water. At the beginning of using the seaweed, I repeated it throughout the day whenever the itching became intolerable (sometimes 5 times or more showers and seaweed applications during the day) when the itching was really bad. Then gradually after a few months the rash slowly went away and I could use it fewer times/day. But always the same 2-5 minute application. It took about a year of use to reduce the seaweed applications down to a couple of times a week and then finally I stopped using it. It has been a year and a half that I have not had to use the seaweed at all. I have a bottle sitting next to the shower, but have not had to open it since the summer of 2013. I can sometimes see a little redness with the rash appearing, but not any itching. I don’t care about redness. I go to my dermatologist once a year for a check-up and he finally declared me finally free of Grover’s. So my suggestion is that you just keep using it as long as you still have the itching. It could take longer than a year … or less. Be consistent with using it until it has gone away.
Good luck continuing with it! That is great news.

Deborah - Hi, Such a pleasure using your product for several years. The consistent high quality has helped many of my health conditions. We tried your fertilizer for the first time this year and have the yummiest tomatoes ever! Have you ever heard of someone being helped by your products for psoriasis?

Richard (Founder) - Hi Deborah – First, we are so happy that you have been having such positive results. For psoriasis, you might try the homeopathic OliveViate. It helps with a lot of different skin irritations. Another completely different approach might be to try the shark cartilage. Since it is a supplement, we can not make any medical claims for treating disease. However, we have noticed some interesting “side-effects” related to skin during the 25 years that we have been producing and selling this product.

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