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March deal – Nopal Cactus 90 caps – Buy 1 Get 1 free

Control: * Diet * Sugar-spiking * Colon-Cleansing … Naturally!!

Benefits: Seagate freeze-dried Nopal Cactus reabsorbs approx. 50X its dried weight when released into the stomach providing an immediate feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. Unlike other diet products that may artificially stimulate the metabolism, giving a caffeine-like buzz, headache, or that falsely claim to burn fat, Nopal simply and naturally acts like a sponge – absorbing and expanding upon contact with the water and sugars in the stomach. The absorptive properties are temporary, allowing the slow release of the water and sugars, thereby helping to reduce sugar spiking immediately after a high-sugar meal or drink. The high insoluble fiber content (cellulose and lignin) absorbs wastes in the intestines and bowels, pushing them along into and through the colon, making this product an excellent cleanser.

Processing: Seagate gathers the Nopal Cactus leaves from selected cactus farms located in remote interior valleys of northern Baja California, not far from where Seagate operates their organic farm. This cactus is free of any chemicals, pesticides or contamination. Seagate receives the cactus leaves, complete with spines, on the day that the leaves are harvested. Generally, the new-growth leaves are harvest during the summer, when local temperatures range from 110-120 F, the ideal conditions for this hardy plant.

Suggested Use: Take 3-6 capsules immediately before a meal. These capsules can also be opened and the contents poured into sweet drinks or smoothies, to counter the immediate high-sugar release; however do not mix in too much powder because the Nopal has a natural bitter taste that might affect the taste of the drink.

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